Friday, 25 November 2016

The Minimalist Challenge

I recently started the "Mins Game" or Minimalist Challenge, the idea is that you get rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two and so on until a month has the end you will get rid of over 400 items! I started it with the aim that I would get as far I could but probably wouldn't make it for the full 30 days. I am now thinking I'll make it at least past 20 days, maybe even to the end!

It's helpful to break it down day by day and it makes it seem like so much less work, this week I've gotten rid of 28 items already and I hardly even noticed doing it! 10 minutes a day after work at most so far, this will get more time consuming as it goes on I imagine but if you have too much stuff (who doesn't) I would recommend giving it a go even only for a week or two. If you follow me on Instagram you can see some pictures of all my rubbish (if you really want to) but here's how it's been going...

Week one actually took 2 weeks as after day 5 I had to take a little break due to a nasty cold but other than that it was a breeze to find things!

I started out just picking things up that were out in the flat, clutter from surfaces and floors. I got rid of so much stuff without even opening a drawer or cupboard it's kind of embarrassing! You know those things that just hang around, and never really have a home because you keep meaning to do something with them. Yeah those things, just bin or donate them.

So far I have gotten rid of things like a broken air bed, a load of old prescription glasses and some random gifts and wedding favours that we just don't use. I haven't even started on any of our "problem areas" for clutter yet and I have already put so much stuff in the bin, and Tom took a box full of stuff to the charity shop at the end of the week. This is the easiest week so I am anticipating it will get harder, but I am already seeing a difference in the flat that it just looks a little cleaner and less cluttered! This is my motivation to keep going!

I have also learned a few things already:
  1. I keep packaging for WAY too long and for stuff we don't need it for. Next time I buy something the box goes in the bin right away!
  2. I do not get rid of gifts because I feel bad for not keeping them. I am trying to change this to see it as donating them so other people can have them who will use them! Sometimes I feel like I should keep something because objectively I agree it is a nice/useful/pretty thing and I would buy it for someone else, but it just doesn't fit in with my lifestyle or our flat etc so doesn't get used. I'm trying to treat gifts the same as if I bought them.
  3. Most of the clutter so far is mine, or stuff I have bought for "us" or "the flat" but really it's all stuff I wanted. Tom actually has very little in the way of clutter other than his man drawer and probably in his wardrobe. I should do something with this information like STOP COLLECTING SO MUCH CRAP.
  4. I have also found it has spread into other areas of my life, I am generally getting more stuff sorted like returning things to people, getting films developed, replacing old furniture. I am trying to pare down and reevaluate my bills a little. I will do a separate post on how it works out but so far I've changed pet insurance supplier to save £30 a month!

On to week 2! I'm going to try and get into some of our more cluttered areas like under the bed, our CD's/DVD's and the storage cupboard in the hall...

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