Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Minimalist Challenge - Week 2

I recently started the "Mins Game" or Minimalist Challenge, the idea is that you get rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two and so on increasing by 1 item every day until a month has the end you will get rid of over 400 items!

You can read how week 1 went here, week 2 was actually pretty much a breeze! I started to actually delve into drawers and shelves and the clutter to get rid of was plentiful.

I have been posting pictures on instagram, if you feel the need to see pictures, but this week I got rid of:

  • What seemed like about 50 glasses cases (I get a new one each time I get new glasses and never use them!)
  • Cleaning products I have bought, used once, did not get on with and for some reason have kept.
  • Pet things that we/they don't use/eat/play with
  • CD's and DVD's galore!
I actually had enough CD's and DVD's to take me into week 3, I post dated the days (on day 11 I counted and I had enough to go up to day 18!) and stacked them up ready to go, and had a little break! 

I actually used the time to send all the good disks off to Music Magpie for some money (not a lot but every little helps right!) and to advertise some other things on Freegle.

Freegle or Freecycle is a really great resource for all those things you think nobody would want to buy (hence not worth donating to a charity shop either) but it seems a shame to throw in the bin. You advertise it and people collect it, so it is also great for getting rid of old furniture without having to take it to the tip or pay to have it removed. The aim is to keep as much out of landfill as possible and it's always nice to see things go to use rather than to waste. I got rid of some pet bits and bobs and a bag of shells for arts and crafts.

Onto week 3, I have 4 days of it sorted already so I'm hoping this will be an easy one too! Next on the list is the kitchen, we have too many glasses and random utensils that we don't use, and I want a slow cooker for Christmas so I'm motivated to make room! I'm starting to think I'm maybe going to make it to the end of the month but we are getting to over 20 items a day soon and that is a lot to get rid of although I haven't even started on under the bed or the hall cupboard yet...

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