Monday, 11 January 2016

Giving yourself a break

The 2 weeks before Christmas I did no exercise. None at all. Some of it I was ill so didn't worry about not exercising but once I was better I felt like I should get straight back on the metaphorical horse.

Problem was I didn't want to.

For someone who has been doing something (running, climbing, gym or crossfit) at least 2 or 3 (or 7) days a week for the last 2 years this was a bit scary.

I realised though that I just needed a break, I decided on being back stronger and more often in the new year, and called it a day until after Christmas.

This was hard for me to do though! I felt burnt out, tired, I'd been ill with tonsillitis or a virus, I was feeling pressurised to get everything done before Christmas....and yet I still felt guilty for not going to crossfit for 2 weeks.

Sound familiar to anyone? I'm an all or nothing kind of person, I don't half ass things so I find it hard to give myself a break sometimes. Looking back though I've been full on this year and last with training, wedding planning, work, life, races, mountains, and an attempted social life around that.

So if I want to skip crossfit once to eat a mince pie and wrap some presents while I watch Love Actually is anyone actually going to judge me? Probably not, I'm not a professional, I have nobody to prove anything to other than myself. I'm training for Superhuman next year but am already pretty on track for that, actually better than I thought I would be since starting crossfit.

We're our own harshest judges sometimes, so I decided that for a new years resolution I don't need to lose weight, eat better, give up smoking, drink less or any of the usual ones. I'm already doing the best I can.

This is my new years resolution: CHILL OUT! Help myself to do better and make life easier for myself, instead of pressuring myself to do everything. To do this I will:
Sort a better schedule to include rest days strictly for rest. With some longer breaks of a few days here and there to prevent getting burnt out.
Get myself a foam roller, and get massages regularly.
Get a new bike so that I am not battling up hills on the way back from crossfit while stuck in a high gear. It is not helpful when trying to go more often that I hate getting there and back. Also work out a way to go more often when I can take the car.
Remember my flat is not a show home, and my life is mine only. Nobody cares but me if there is laundry all over the bedroom and the dining table is covered in craft stuff.

So far I have done ok, I've not got a new bike but am taking the car more often and have started going in the morning so I have my evenings to myself after work.

How are you doing with your resolutions?

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