Monday, 25 January 2016


Honestly who gets up at that time to exercise? Apparently me...

In my post here on having a break over Christmas I talked about being back to crossfit more in the new year, and also about finding a better schedule and going more when I could use the car. So the first week back to work in January I tried out going in the morning before work.

Sounds a bit counter-intuitive to get up earlier so that I get more rest, I reasoned that if I went to the 6am class I could be home in time for Tom to take the car to leave for work, and enough time for me to then shower and get to work.Then my day goes on as usual but I've already done a solid hour of exercise.

Now I can't say I ever thought I would want to go to the gym in the morning, I love my sleep, I love my bed, and I hate getting up early for work as it is. I never thought I would be volunteering to get up earlier!

So how did it go?
First the obvious drawbacks, I won't lie getting up at 5:20am when it is dark and -5 outside is not high on my list of enjoyable things to do, and it is just as bleak as it sounds. However putting my clothes out on the radiator to warm and having a nice breakfast ready helps. Also I repeat to myself 'If you don't go this morning in the car you'll only have to cycle there this evening' over and over and over...

The only other negative is having to go to bed earlier the night before, but we rarely do a lot on week nights anyway as we both work full time.

The benefits?
Time wise it's a win win trade off for me, I have to get up earlier but it means I have my evenings free, which means my weekends aren't taken up by all the chores I didn't do in the week. Which means I can go and see family and friends, or go on a long run, or even have a nice rest day, maybe even relax and read a book. I actually found the first weekend free a struggle to remember what to do when I have nothing to do!

I can go more often, because I'm not having to sacrifice my after work or weekend time any more I can go as many times a week as I feel like. It's also sometimes like your workouts happen as if by magic, hard to explain but it's like you go so early it's a bit surreal sometimes and you forget you went this morning...but you are still making progress and getting fitter!

I actually go every time I plan to, with going after work there is always the risk that something comes up and I end up having to rearrange my session. I also haven't had a chance yet to have a horrible day and be tired by the time I get there!

I don't have to cycle there every time. This was really the main reason for me!

I find I get to work feeling more awake and motivated, and I don't need to stress about rushing off to get to my evening class on time. You know that high after a great workout? I get to take that into the rest of my day!

There's also a certain sense of satisfaction, or smugness maybe haha, that I've already killed (or erm completed) a hard workout before work, before most people have had breakfast.

If you are thinking about it, give it a try! Preparation is key for an early morning start though, I get my breakfast ready the night before (overnight oats), as well as my lunch for taking to work. I also get all my gym clothes out as well as my work clothes for when I get back. Down to socks and underwear even. I even fill my water bottle and put my car keys, cross fit notebook and protein bites in my coat pockets. This means I can literally roll out of bed into my gym stuff, brush teeth and hair, and go. Then get back and just shower, eat quick breakfast and go back out. No flapping around looking for my keys or trying to find a clean sports bra. All means an extra 10 minutes in bed too!

All in all I'm finding it a lot better, and it is working out for both my training plan and my new years resolution to make life a bit easier for myself.

Anyone else an early morning exercise convert? I'd love to hear any tips x

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