Monday, 19 October 2015

Winter Bucket List

It's getting colder and the nights are drawing in, I love this time of year before the novelty of winter wears off! I'm still loving my new scarf and the fact I can wear boots again. Talk to me in a month when it's rain again. Lets be honest we don't get much of an Autumn most years it's chilly and nice for about 2 weeks then it's cold and wet until March.

This year I wanted to focus on the positives though! A winter bucket list of things I want to do this year over the colder months.

  1. Watch a fireworks display. I know, me, firework phobic who once hid under the family car after bolting from my parents at a firework display. I figure it's time to get over it now I'm a big girl. This year I'm going to go watch a big display maybe with my niece and nephew (so I have to be brave not to freak them out) or maybe just Tom and I. Either way I want to wrap up warm and ooh and ahh at fireworks, not hide at home like the last 20 years.
  2. Cycle more. I recently started cycling to a new gym that I'm trying out and it's soo much quicker than walking I want to make the most of it being an novelty and build it into my routine. I reason getting rained on and cold for 15 minutes rather than 45 is better!
  3. Christmas - Not sure what our plans are this year but I want a nice family Christmas, and not to be too hectic and stressed like last year!
  4. Take some time away with Tom. I have some leave booked from work in December, only a long weekend but hopefully Tom can get it off work too and we can either go on some day trips or maybe even a cosy festive weekend break away.
  5. Get back into climbing. We've been outside a bit this summer and I did the lead course recently, but now's the time to get back to the warehouse and get training properly. I lost a few grades this year and last with our enforced break and since learning to lead climb so I want to get them back!
  6. Have a Halloween party! Planning this right now, and looking for my costume. We planned one last year but it kind of flopped because we vaguely planned it then went off and climbed Kilimanjaro and then it went off the boil, we didn't invite half of the people we meant to...cut to us and 3 other people on the night! Good night, but still we can do better this year :)
  7. Get fit. OK I'm already on the way there but I want to be back at my strongest by March, Super Human is in May! This involves new workouts, eating better and trying not to get too off track over Christmas and New Year.
  8. Take on some new challenges. I'm already trying out cross fit (God help me) and it seems to be going ok, I think I might sign up for something over the winter to test out my fitness before Super Human. Possibly a race, maybe an obstacle course mud run type thing.
  9. Go watch a Christmas film at the cinema. Tom doesn't like the cinema (wierdo) so I'll go with someone else if he won't come with me.
  10. Dry January....maybe. Not 100% sold on this one yet as it's a close friends 30th that month and I'm not sure I can deal with the 'ooooh are you pregnant??' remarks every time I turn down a glass of wine. I don't actually drink a lot and could just cut down drastically...either way, start the new year on a healthy note.
What's on your winter list?

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